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May 31, 2015


Choosing the perfect Bridal Accessories

Welcome to the unveiling of my first ever blog post - choosing the perfect bridal accessories!  I hope you like it.

Importance of headwear and other accessories

Most brides-to-be spend countless hours (often over a number of years) picking the perfect dress, and sometimes spend considerably far less time selecting headwear and other accessories.  However, headwear and other accessories have the power to fundamentally change and improve the look of any outfit - and brides are no exception!  The right accessories enhance and compliment the style of the dress, add elegance and sophistication, and generally ensure that the overall look is complete and finished.

Choosing Headwear 

Brides have a vast array of options to choose from when it comes to selecting headwear including: tiaras, veils, millinery, headbands, 'jewellery-style' headpieces, headvines, haircombs, hairpins.

One of the fundamental decisions is whether to wear a traditional veil.  Veils work best with longer dresses that, at a minimum, touch the floor.  Tiaras can be appropriately matched with veils up to fingertip length, while the longer chapel and cathedral length veils are best left without another hair accessory on display.  For practical purposes, longer veils will have to be removed, so brides need to plan their headwear for the later part of the reception.  One handy option for longer veils are decorative hairpins, these can be worn under the veil at the ceremony, and will be seen after the veil is removed.  Brides initially wearing longer veils again have a vast array of headwear choices for the later part of reception including: millinery, headbands, jewellery-style headpieces, headvines and haircombs.  Veils should always match the colour of the dress. 

Where veils up to fingertip length are worn from the back of the head, in addition to the tiara option, they can also be matched with headbands, 'jewellery-style' headpieces, headvines and haircombs.  

Bridal Millinery perfectly compliments all dresses between knee and ankle length; it can also work very well with longer dresses with lace detail.  Bridal Millinery is suited to the vintage look, in particular bridal millinery incorporating birdcage netting sets-off the vintage look.  Bridal Millinery is light and is designed to also be worn throughout the reception, provided of course that it is pinned in by the hairdresser.

Gold compliments ivory, so an ivory dress can be matched with headwear that incorporates gold detail, e.g. ivory bridal millinery with gold pearls, or a 'jewellery-style' headpiece with gold colour metal.  Silver compliments white, so a white dress can be matched with headwear that incorporates silver detail, e.g. white bridal millinery with silver pearls, or a 'jewellery-style' headpiece  with silver or platinum colour metal.

Where the dress contains beadwork, the style and colour of the headwear can be matched to the colour and finish of the beadwork, e.g. where a white dress includes silver diamante, it could be matched with white bridal millinery that includes matching silver diamante and silver jewellery.


Umbrellas look fantastic in photos, add character and finish off the look of the outfit.  Lace parasol umbrellas with Battenburg Lace, particularly with used with matching fans, add a certain vintage look.

Pagoda umbrellas match satin dresss, while lace parasol umbrellas can be used when the dress contains lace.


Many year ago, brides always wore gloves.  They have recently begun making a comeback.  Bridal gloves add style and elegance to an outfit and ensure that the outfit looks polished and complete.

If there is no lace in the dress, satin gloves will perfectly compliment the dress.  If the dress contains lace, then lace gloves or satin gloves with lace detail will compliment the the dress.


All brides need something to hold bits and pieces, so why not pick a beautiful bag that compliments your outfit.

My favourite style bag is the pearl covered clutch, this looks beautiful with any wedding dress.  As an added bonus, after the wedding it can be used at other events as it will look well with most colour dresses.  It can also be kept as a reminder of your wedding day and brought out for each wedding anniversary.


In this my first blog post, I hope I've shown that it can pay dividends to invest time and effort selecting the right headwear and other accessories to compliment the dress in order to achieve an elegant, stylish and complete look. 

This introductory blog touched on a wide range on topics, I'll be covering many of these issues in more detail in my future blog posts.  If you found this post engaging and would like to read more, please like us on facebook and/or subscribe to our newsletter to ensure that your are informed future blog posts.

Yours in style,



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